The Little Saint Shop is taking a short break.

We are taking some creative time in the studio to rethink, rebuild, and re-stock. Our little shop will be open again soon! 

Prints for the Play Room

Decorate the little ones room with an exclusive art print illustrated in the Little Saint Studio in Nashville, TN!

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The Desert Calls My Name

A coloring adventure by Little Saint Southwest

Wander over dunes and through saguaro forests. See a hawk fly and a jack rabbit ponder. Follow the moon down a desert highway and build a cairn of stones in front of desert towers.

Away we go....


The Signature Sunny Collection

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Good News! Simple Cloth is here...

...and we use it for everything.

Simple Cloth is the perfect cloudy soft, cotton cloth for all of your baby and household needs. Not only are they gentle on the skin, but their simplicity is reminiscent of the white linens of times gone by. Beautiful. Simple. Cloth.

About the Brand

Little Saint Southwest is a brand created from the heart of an artist, sparked by a grandmother's tale of a tall, gangly cactus and a dusty wide mouthed sky…. a story told in shape, color, and hard working hands. It is painted from recollections of childhood play and untethered imagination.

We believe in kindness and possibility and touching the animal clouds while standing on earth in clothes that let you be a kid as long as you possibly can.

Colors are for Everybody

Our styles, patterns, and prints are made to be unisex. Little Saint SW believes that any color can be loved by anyone. Yep, flowers too, they aren't choosy :)

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We Love Our Planet!

We do our best to minimize our environmental impact. All of our items ship in 100% recycled packaging.