Artist Series

Welcome to the Little Saint Southwest Artist Series!
Art is a vital part of what this brand is about. It is about making a mess, making a print, painting a color, and sharing a story. ants to support art education in every way possible. We believe that art mends the world. It connects people and opens minds to think new ways, to see new things, to blossom with new ideas. It is a vital part of culture, it is even the inspiration for visuals that drive business and commerce. Art is story. Art is the visual language that connects people. Art is everywhere, infused in everything, yet, sadly, it is often one of the first programs to be cut from school funding. 
Throughout this program we hope to partner with artists to design a special series of prints through which we will help raise support for art education, and allow for readily available art supplies for every child. Art fosters creativity It is with creativity that we change the world.
We will donate 1$ from every Artist Series item sold to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, "a nonprofit encouraging children to embrace their individuality, to express themselves creatively, and follow their artistic dreams. Your gifts help us provide art & music supplies to underprivileged children throughout the world."


Artist Series #001 by Sarah J. Simmons

Kindness, 2017 by Sarah J. Simmons

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