The Signature Sunny Collection

Each Signature Sunny Tee is a One of a Kind monoprint by Sarah J. Simmons, the owner of Little Saint Southwest, which has been printed on a 100% Cotton, American made Tee or Onesie.

Each smiling sun is individually painted onto a block and pressed onto the fabric. This process allows for only one print to be transferred per painting. So, while there will be many Signature Sunny Prints, no two will ever be alike. Each one is as unique as the kiddo who wears it.
$1 Dollar from every Signature Sunny print will be donated to the Little Sun Foundation founded by artist Olafur Eliasson. The foundation works to bring solar light to children in need around the world who otherwise would only have access to kerosene lamps or flashlights. Accessibility to light changes accessibility to education, health, and safety.


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